Are You Planning A Tour To Chernobyl Exclusion Zone? Try Brutal Tours Today!

There are quite a few places in the world today where barely anyone has ever set foot. The Chernobyl nuclear power house lately opened up some of the areas with limited access for tourists in Belarus to explore the exclusive zone more.

The heart of the biggest man-made disaster, such as magnet, attracts adventure seekers from all around the globe. Belarus is more like a land of the dead which has opened up for the public now so that travelers could explore the area and discover its secrets.

What are you going to explore in an area where nature took a toll and wondering how much does this exclusive tour actually cost? A tour to the wilderness with no soul around is approximately 15 km deep into the forest. Moreover, tourists get a chance to spot wildlife in the area, which includes different species such as bears, bison, wild horses, giant catfish, foxes, and even wolves.

While you plan on a tour to Chernobyl, you perhaps would wonder what you have in the area to explore. Tourists get to explore different Belarusian villages, 95 of them being in the reserve. Before the disaster actually took place, more than 22,000 people lived in the area, which makes it feel like everything around was frozen in time. Though, the structures were affected by the passing time, travelers get to see how people abandoned their villages as everything around takes them back in time. The population was completely evacuated after the disaster took place.

The Polesye Radiation and Ecological Reserve is basically a radioecological natural reserve located in the south of Belarus. It was created to close in the area that was most affected by radioactive side effects as a result of the Chernobyl disaster which was primarily created for the purpose of environmental and radiobiological research. In some parts, however, the radiation level is still higher than how it was thirty years ago.

The Chernobyl exclusion zone happens to be one of the most preferred well-explored routes for local scientists. Tour guides are easily accessible to all those who are interested to take a tour around. Most of the tour groups charge a reasonable amount from the tourists. For instance, for a group of 5, it costs around 340 rubles, which is approx $170. The tour to the Polesye State Radiation and Ecological Reserve turns out to be an amazing experiment, but a safe one for sure! The radiation dose during the tour is less compared to those an individual gets during a plane trip.

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