Unusual things to see in Chile

Couple of nations can match the large diversity of things to see in Chile– from the world’s driest non-polar desert to tremendous ice-fields and glaciers. Spread between these extremes is a kaleidoscope of scenic views, above which tower the gigantic optimals as well as smouldering volcanoes of the Andes. Here is a selection of just a few tourist attractions in Chile from Insightguides.com.

Things to see in Chile: Valle de la Luna

Just southern of San Pedro de Atacama exists the Valley of the Moon, a significant lunar landscape of wind-eroded hillsides surrounding a crust-like valley flooring, once the bottom of a lake. An immense sand dune brushes up across the valley, simple enough to climb as well as a fantastic place to sit as well as evaluate the views. Tour drivers in San Pedro use everyday sunset trips, but an extra remarkable (and much more requiring) experience would be to get up prior to sunrise and cycle below for sunrise; you can lease a bike in San Pedro.

Laguna Verde

Near to the Parque Nacional Navado de Tres Cruces and also the border with Argentina, the spectacular turquoise Laguna Verde lies at the foot of the highest energetic volcano on the planet, the Volcán Ojos del Salado. The lake exists at 4500m over water level and also the intense colour of its waters– eco-friendly or blue-green, depending upon the moment of day– leaps out at you from the surrounding landscape. At the western end of the lake, a little shack has a fabulous hot-spring bathroom, where you can saturate and also take joyous haven from the biting wind outdoors.

Ghost communities

Chile’s northern desert thrills not just with its otherworldly location, however additionally with interesting testimonies left by mankind. Among these is a trail of rotting nitrate ghost communities. These when successful Saltpeter mining communities are largely undamaged. In Humberstone, the largest of the ghost communities, just about all of it is still standing– from the white, terraced employees’ homes (currently in total disrepair) and the plaza with its gazebo, to the theatre, church as well as firm shop. The theatre, in particular, is extremely evocative, with its rows of dusty seats staring at the phase. Numerous of the homes have actually been reconditioned to reveal what life was like in the 1930s.

Chepu Valley

The fascinating Chiloé archipelago in southern Chile is a place of rural peace. Among the most unusual things to see in Chile is discovered here– the Chepu Valley. The valley was produced in 1960 when a tsunami triggered by the most effective earthquake ever before videotaped swamped an area of seaside woodland. Today the sunken forest supplies a successful environment for over a hundred different bird species, along with ground for kayaking as well as fishing.

San Rafael glacier

More than 4 km vast, and raising out of the water to an elevation of 70m, the huge San Rafael glacier is an excessive view. The boat trip to reach the glacier– with the labyrinthine fjords of Aysén– is a phenomenon in itself, as watercrafts border their way with networks hemmed in by sheer cliffs trickling with vegetation, passing the strange sea lion colony along the road. Once on the Laguna San Rafael, the cruise ship watercrafts maintain a safe range, however you’ll be provided the opportunity to get a better take a look at the glacier from an inflatable motor rowboat. The dinghys get close but not as well close, as the massive blocks of ice that calve off right into the water with a deafening roar create hazardous waves.


Chile’s north skies are the most clear in the southern hemisphere, as affirmed by the lots of international observatories stationed right here. The Cerro Mamalluca Observatory in the Elqui Valley is just one of the most easily accessible. Night tours begin with a modern audiovisual talk on the background of deep space, as well as finish with the opportunity to check out a 30cm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. If you’re lucky, you’ll see an amazing display of starts, earths, galaxies, galaxies and clusters, including Jupiter, Saturn’s rings, the Orion galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy as well as Sirius.

Easter Island

Lost in the immensity of the sea, small Easter Island remains one of one of the most fascinating things to see in Chile. Spread throughout the island are loads of moai, the intriguing monolithic statuaries that have actually made the island universally well-known. The moai variety in height from 2m to about 20m, with their unusual, long-fingered hands placed throughout their abdominal areas. Their heads are long as well as rectangular, with pointed chins, prominent, angular noses as well as thin, tight lips. At Ahu Tongariki fifteen perfectly brought back moai line up to be admired versus a backdrop of green cliffs as well as barking waves. Watching the sun rise below is one of one of the most memorable experiences you can have on the island– or anywhere.