Dahlonega, Georgia


A city with a rich history, Dahlonega was once one of the major sites during the time of the major gold rush. In fact, the city is said to be the first places where the gold rush started. Though the major gold rush occurred several decades ago, gold mining remains to be seen as one of the important facets of Dahlonega’s identity and culture.

Things to Do

There are several that guests can do during their visit to Dahlonega. One of the best activities that guests can enjoy during their visit to Dahlonega is to go on one of the tours of the Consolidated Gold Mine. During the tour, guests are taken underground into the actual mine to see how the working conditions were during the famed gold rush. Guests can take time to view the only press mine in the area where gold is still being panned which is Grisson’s Gold Mine. For the rest of the rich gold history of Dahlonega, guests can head over to the Dahlonega Gold Museum which is located right at heart of the historic square of the city at the old courthouse. For a different sight in Dahlonega, guests who are interested in birds can visit the Humming Bird Art Gallery which features a rich display of bird art and more. Guests can also take time to go camping, hiking, or exploring at the Yahoola Creek Park that also has a community garden where guests can have a picnic.


Best Hotel Accommodations

With so many things that guests can enjoy in Dahlonega, the search for quality accommodations often start. Some of the best hotels in the area include The Smith House Restaurant and Hotel, which not only offers comfortable guest rooms but is also one of the highly acclaimed restaurants in the city. Another hotel worthy of note is the Cedar House Inn & Yurts which is one of the top hotels in the area with comfortable accommodations, plush beds, modern amenities, and a lot more. Other hotels include Mountain Top Lodge at Dahlonega, Long Mountain Lodge, and Mountain Laurel Creek Inn & Spa. Book your Dahlonega Hotels with Reservations.com.

Restaurants and Dining

Several restaurants are found around Dahlonega that promises guests with an excellent dining experience during their visit. One of the best places to dine at is at The Smith House Restaurant and Hotel. Some guests are fortunate enough to stay at the hotel so dining at the restaurant is a breeze. The restaurant is highly acclaimed for its family-style dining with delicious fried chicken and prized strawberry shortcake. Another restaurant worthy of note is the Crimson Moon, which is basically a coffee house that has really good music and relaxing atmosphere.


Fast Facts

  • One of the city’s main attractions is the Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site which is seated right at the heart of the town square.
  • It was in 1828 that the city of Dahlonega became the first site where the first ever major gold rush was started, which soon became a boom town during the Georgia Gold Rush.
  • In relation to mining, Dahlonega also became a site where several illegally developed gold mines were created. Most of the miners that were included in these illegal mines also illegally entered Cherokee Nation lands which soon festered into conflict with the Cherokees.
  • One of the oldest establishments in the city is the Lumpkin County Courthouse which was built sometime during 1836.