The Best Place To Stay In Jerusalem

Deciding on the best area to stay in Jerusalem can be a daunting task. Jerusalem is a fairly large city with different regions, each boasting of its own unique attraction. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in the city or an apartment on a quiet residential street! There are plenty of alternative apartments to choose from where you can pick the one you like. Do you want to travel to Jerusalem? Looking for the best tour packages out there that will give you all the benefits and make the trip enjoyable. Absolutely, you can choose the package of your choice from the Jerusalem Tours.

Old town

The Old City is one of the best places to stay in Jerusalem, Old City Hall is where visitors will see Jerusalem’s most fascinating historic landmarks such as the Western Wall, the Church of the Popular, and the Dome of the Rock. Just under one square kilometer, this area is compact and easy to explore. Old City is undoubtedly an amazing place to stay. You will be surrounded by some of the most iconic religious buildings in the world and will experience a clash of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian cultures.

Part of the Old Town

The Old City is divided into four parts, the Jewish Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, the Christian Quarter, and the Muslim Quarter. Narrow paved paths take visitors from one quarter to the other. Each quarter boasts of its own distinctive character, centering on its religion and traditions. Since the Old City is full of the holiest places in Jerusalem, there is not much room for hotels. As a result, a trip to the Old City often feels like you’re heading back to a life of ease. Visitors will find family-run hostels, guesthouses, and a handful of hotels.

The Last Row

The old city of Jerusalem is the best place to stay if you want to stay a few minutes away from the most popular sites in the city. This is a particularly exciting area for those interested in religious history and culture. Although the accommodation options in this area are limited, if you decide to stay here, you will be able to experience a more peaceful Israeli holiday than in other areas as this area is much better for accommodation.

Hotel in the Old Town

Although it is not directly in the old town, the luxurious five-star Mamilla Hotel is connected to old town by a short path. The Ha Shimi Hotel is located within the city walls and boasts stunning rooftop views.

In The City Center

The city center of Jerusalem is a great place to stay. The city of Jerusalem has all the best quality hotels throughout the popular area, including Sion Square, Ben Yehuda Street, Jaffa Road, King George Street, and King David Street. Here visitors can find an exciting range of restaurants, cafes, bars, and many more. There are plenty of shops selling local and international designer clothes and household goods. You will also benefit from the buzzing nightlife of West Jerusalem at your door.

East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem, just north of the Old City, is surrounded by the Olive Mountains. Being close to the gates of Damascus or Herod allows you to walk to the Old City and West Jerusalem. Many Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, and it is a predominantly Arab area.