Top 3 Places To Visit In Shanghai

When you look at tourism in the Asian Pacific countries, China is usually a top pick for many travelers. It’s because it has a lot to offer; eccentric museums, elegant contemporary art, river cruises, drinks, fine dining, the list is endless. The country is vast, making it a bit hard to pick the places you want to visit. You might find yourself going back and forth when you want to create your travel itinerary. Nevertheless, the places you will end up picking promise to give you great experiences.

Shanghai is a city popular with tourists; there are a million and one things you can do. One of the most loveable things about Shanghai is the ease of accessing it. You can conveniently fly into the city with Cathay Pacific from Singapore. The premier airline also offers other flights to Shanghai from many other cities around the world. Having seen how you can book your flight to get into Shanghai, here are the places you should include in your travel adventure.

Places to Visit While Touring Shanghai

During the 20th century, Shanghai was among the most flourishing metropolis. Although the wars that occurred shock its progress, the city re-established itself. Today, Shanghai is very vibrant, having luxurious private clubs, lively nightlife, and exceptional architectural development. The city boasts of having the second tallest sky scrapper in the world and the tallest one in China – the Shanghai Tower. Home to more than 24 million, there’s plenty of places and things to do.

Pudong Skyscrapers

A city like Shanghai often attracts tourists who are interested in the concrete jungle. Thus, Puxi and Pudong have become a popular spot for many. These areas are not only home to the most iconic structures in China but in the world at large. It explains the sheer number of vacationists who are interested in visiting these neighborhoods. The Shanghai World Financial center, otherwise known as the “Bottle Opener”, is a popular spot for many including the locals. It has three observatory decks, the highest one sitting on the 100th floor. It provides breathtaking views regardless of the weather or time of the day. On clear skies, you’ll be able to see the vast expanse of Shanghai, while cloudy days give the illusion of floating in the sky. The Jin Mao Tower is another structure you should explore, particularly the Park Hyatt located on the 87th floor. The stunning vistas would make your meals a whole lot enjoyable.

Enjoying A Meal of Appetizing Soup Dumpling

If you ask the locals where to find the most delicious dumplings (xiaolongbao) in the city, you are likely to get different answers. It’s because everyone has their spot, they consider the best. Nevertheless, some places stand out. Jia Jia Tang bao is a place that has won the hearts of many. The long lines here clearly indicate that the xiaolongbao served here are the best in the city. Be sure to make a stop here to enjoy the best soup dumpling in town.

The Urban Planning Exhibition Center

If you love the architectural beauty of Shanghai, you’ll fall for the urban planning exhibition hall. It acts as the city’s blueprint, displaying the past, present, and future urban development. Over the years, China has learned the art of creating imposing things; sure enough, the exhibition center is considered the world’s largest scale model. Some of the notable structures you can expect to find include the Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Jin Mao Tower. The model would give you an impeccable ariel view of Shanghai.


Shanghai is a travel destination that has a lot to offer. Although the places and activities mentioned are a few compared to what Shanghai offers, they still promise to dazzle and entertain you on your trip. While touring every place mention might not be possible for you, ensure you include one or two sites if you will be having a somewhat tight itinerary.