The Smartest And The Most Well-Read Zodiac Signs


Aquarians are real record holders for the number of books in their home library. And, rest assured, they have already read most of them. These people can read anywhere and anytime: on vacation, in transport, during lunch, and even on the go. they’re especially attracted by fantasy, besides as literature dedicated to key discoveries of the past and present. But they’re going to not surrender the nice old classics either. After all, books for Aquarius Zodiac Sign are primarily a source of recent ideas and knowledge about this world.

Endowed with an unprecedented mind, representatives of this sign can think outside the box and elegantly use emotional intelligence to regulate others. But once they successfully solve complex problems, they often ditch simple things. Therefore, they have an acquaintance and helper who from time to time will return “thinkers” from heaven to earth.


Confident and motivated Sagittarius is more likely to form important discoveries and become “Engines of progress.” they’re awake to detail and are happy to share truly encyclopedic knowledge about what they’re seriously enthusiastic about. Moreover, it is often anything: from cooking and visiting serious research.

It is for them that we publish lists like Newsweek’s 100 Best Books in World Literary History and speak about the novels of Booker Prize winners. and folks of this sign easily fall enamored with literary characters and even try to find someone similar actually, because they believe: if something may be invented, then it’ll not be difficult to bring it to life.


Patient and quick-witted representatives of this sign are constantly raising their intellectual level. Unlike the naturally gifted, but lazy Aquarius and Gemini, they’re accustomed to gaining knowledge by diligence and thus more often achieve significant results. Many Capricorns like heroes who overcame difficulties with cold calculation and cunning. They prefer a thoughtful strategy to impulsive decisions, but they’re by no means destitute of emotion. they’re infinitely dotty with the work of their lives and are always littered with doubts whether or not they do everything right. So loved ones need to constantly maintain their faith in themselves and remind them of the necessity for rest.


Gemini’s probing for new knowledge and skills is endless. they’ll assimilate a large kind of information at a cosmic speed, but they’re not in the slightest degree able to stop to sort it all out on the shelves. Therefore, within the “palaces of the mind”, they need about the identical disorder within the room and life. But why not there! They may sort of a mystery story, a thriller, an adventure novel, or something from intellectual prose. The best thing is that reading isn’t boring: a twisted plot, an unexpected ending, unusual characters, and a creative author’s style they have like air.


Taurus tries not only to read books but also to use the knowledge gained in practice. they’re not accustomed to focusing everyone’s attention on their abilities and successes, and so often seem naive and lazy. But once you get to understand them better, it seems that this can be not the least bit the case. Taurus reads thoughtfully and slowly, preferring applied literature: publications on cooking, handicrafts, interior design, and detailed business development guides. If they develop a piece of art, then they’ll certainly enjoy it. it’s important for them that the book looks good on the shelf and is straightforward to read so that they always concentrate on the standard of the paper, font, and canopy design.


Like Taurus, Virgos are primarily of practical intelligence. In their youth, they typically read plenty, but only those works that caused the foremost vivid emotions to remain in their memory for a protracted time. But their memory is excellent! Virgos can quickly master a brand new business and simply find the books they have for work, whether it’s literature in their specialty or step-by-step instructions for developing useful personal qualities. People of this sign stubbornly go towards their goal, but, unlike Sagittarius and Capricorns, they do not rest. They find their true enjoyment of exciting fantasy and novels with well-developed character psychology. However, whether or not they do not adore the book, Virgos will still read it to the tip, noting every shortcoming within the work of the author and editors.


Leos are big fans of motivational books. They believe they’re capable of lots and are convinced that multitasking is their element. The latter isn’t true, but don’t even attempt to convince them of this! On the bedside table of those creative people, possibly, there are several books with bookmarks that are read in parallel: inspiring non-fiction or business literature – within the morning on the thanks to work, a frank novel or style guide – within the evening, biographies of successful people – at any the time of day and night when the mood appears. Representatives of this sign are usually tuned in to all fashionable novelties and never miss the foremost beautiful and expensive editions and series. Posh home library is their passion. And when the Leos finally manage to end reading one in all the books to the tip, they’re happy to share their opinion about it with everyone who meets them on the way.


Libra’s intellect may well be envied if natural modesty didn’t prevent them from using it to their full potential. Alas, those born under this sign value more highly to use their logic, intuition, and phenomenal ability to investigate data not at work, but in hobbies. These artistic and controversial people often have an enormous home library, which contains not only fiction for each taste but also books on painting, music, and writing. Reading poetry and prose, Libra easily memorizes vivid quotes and so used them in their speech. they do not miss the chance to argue and criticize other people’s creativity and favorite books of friends. But if they like a specific author, don’t hesitate – they’re going to get at home with all his works and can advise others.


Impulsive Aries, like Libra, like to discuss what they read, but not out of affection for discussion, but rather for the sake of effect. Behind their complex nature, it’s almost impossible to discern an inquiring mind, and after all, they often have an impressive intellect. For all their love of justice, Aries doesn’t know halftones. Books, in their understanding, are divided into two categories: literary masterpieces and paper. The latter includes everything that the star stubborn people didn’t want to read (yes, these are the identical fans of “flipping”). The category of “masterpieces” most frequently includes works on military and philosophical themes, furthermore as an adventure and historical novels. And, of course, Aries remembers from childhood those stories during which the characters overcome difficulties, getting out of the foremost difficult situations, and good triumphs over evil. Convinced that they’re always on the side of “good”, they like to win but rarely speak about it aloud.


From a Scorpio point of view, the book must be of some use. Moreover, emotions and inspiration also are considered. Their minds are universal, their hobbies are exotic, but they avoid risky decisions, even to their detriment. So, if someone gives such someone one in all Jen Cinsero’s books, it’ll be very helpful. General theoretical knowledge seems unnecessary to Scorpios, but the need to grasp life and obtain the essence of things pushes them into reading experiments. From detective stories, they jump to books about the connection between a person and a girl, and after motivating literature, they’ll want to seem at the globe with completely different eyes and take a unique Jonathan Safran Foer or Marlon James from the shelf.


Those born under this sign are considered sensitive and cautious natures, but few people remember the Cancer’s ability to use other people’s experience and add a team. they’re not accustomed to shouting about their talents, but in an emergency, they’ll make the proper decision and take responsibility for the complete team. Cancers often associate themselves with their favorite characters and so prefer books with a contented ending – but to not the detriment of truthfulness and emotional depth. They completely immerse themselves in each work and “live” it, irrespective of the genre. People of this sign choose books as quickly as they are doing with friends, but at an identical time appreciate diversity. they’ll find something of their own among the recognized classics of the sentimental novel, and among the authors of recent intellectual prose, and even in “light literature”. The most thing is that the emotions of the characters are “real”, and their story echoes the life experience of Cancer.


Representatives of this sign up their lives often rely not on intelligence, but emotions and developed intuition. These people will never dive into what they’re not curious about, and their commitment to learning the secrets of attributes often makes them fans of esoteric and psychological literature. Also among Pisces, many believers read the sacred texts of their religion, including to raise and understand themselves. When it involves fiction, Pisces often chooses something unpredictable and emotional. It is often a sentimental romance or a lightweight fantasy. The best thing is that the heroes of the book are alive and sensitive, and also the author’s descriptions open up space for imagination.