Plan A Holiday You Can’t Forget

Italy, the Epicenter of the Roman Empire:

Italy is enriched with so much beauty and stunning countryside that you can easily say that this country has everything. The most interesting history, culture, architecture and exciting facts make it a must see for travellers. This country is indeed the foundation of a whole European civilization. With a long Mediterranean coastline, it is a spectacular and wonderful country to travel and explore. It has left a powerful mark on Western culture and cuisine. Italy is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The best part is without doubt the Italian food and its taste. So if you are still having doubts about visiting Italy, we strongly suggest that it is worth a visit. Italy exposes all tourists to its culture, heritage and magnanimous architecture… Italy has so much to offer which includes remarkable cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery. An amazing Holiday Villas in Italy are widespread throughout the country. Interhome has selected the some of the best for its customers.

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Lake Maggiore, 2nd Largest Lake in Italy:

Holidays are even more soothing when adjacent to a Lake with loved ones, having  quality time together. Enjoy the climate and take it all in. One such lake to visit is Lake Maggiore. It is the second biggest lake in Italy. Lake Maggiore Villas are ideal to book for your next holiday with Interhome. Interhome lets you choose the best resorts for your needs. We have considered our customers needs to provide the best services. The Lake Maggiore Villas rentals are all within your budget. All the resorts offered to you will be close to the Lake, in excellent locations.


Portimao, a Port City:

Portimao is a port city in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It’s known for its old quarter, busy marina and proximity to many beaches. Beaches are the real charm of the region. Portimao can be comfortably and fully explored in half a day, but is in stark contrast to Praia da Rocha – which is not as full of Portuguese culture but is still worth a visit. Portimao has been blessed with eight kilometres of the Algarve’s most beautiful and welcoming beaches. The sun shines brightly down on the calm, crystal-clear, refreshing water and the fine, golden sand that stretches from the Alvor Estuary in the west to the Arade Estuary in the east. The combination of sun and sandy beaches are the perfect combination for a memorable holiday. Portimao is famous for warm sandy beaches and spectacular views with imposing red cliffs. The city has recently been developed as a tourist destination and villas in portimao offered by us are the best choice for the perfect adventure.


Albir, Worth Visiting Destination


Albir has a Mediterranean climate which means hot summers and mild winters and very little rain. Albir is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year making it an ideal holiday destination all year round. Albir is an easy drive from the three international airports of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia. The blue sea, tall trees and mountains make Albir a beautiful place to visit with the family. It has received the European Union Blue Ribbon award many times. Eating out in Albir you can enjoy the flavours of the sea, together with magnificent rice, noodles dishes and other traditional dishes of the region. The villas in Albir have a lot to offer as they are comfortable and situated close to all the main attractions.