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Hotel Monte Giner (Mezzana) – Cles – Mezzocorona – Trento – Pieve di Ledro – Idrosee – Passo di Croce Domini (1892 masl) – Berzo – Passo del Tonale (1883 masl) – Hotel Monte Giner (Mezzana)

We start from the Hotel Monte Giner and, passing through Malè and Cles, we reach Trento.

First we roll over to Riva.

After just a few kilometres, Lago di Ledro is reached. Then we quickly reach the next high valley.

A dream road winds its way through the sometimes narrow gorge of the Valle d’Ampola in curves and hairpin bends. A look back shows the sometimes adventurous road construction. Here and there, the narrow strip of asphalt seems glued to the mountain. But all of a sudden the narrowness opens up and reveals the view of Storo, to which the last fun hairpin bends lead us down in wild meanders.

The following section to the next body of water, Lago d’Idro. The lake, already located in Lombardy, is known for its pleasant water temperatures, unusual for mountain lakes. In summer, 25 degrees tempt you to take a dip here. Let’s take the first turn off the shore road and head back towards the mountains.

Bagolino is our next destination, located at the entrance to the Val di Caffaro. Adventure seekers will find an alternative in the route to the Passo di Maniva, which branches off further south from Lake Idro and ends in a seven-kilometer stretch of gravel. However, the goal is the same: the 1,892 meter high Passo di Croce Domini.

An espresso later we plunge down the steep descent to Breno, 1,400 meters below.

The Passo di Tonale runs from Edolo in the west across to the Val di Sole in the east. Beginning in the west near the town of Ponte di Legno, where the Gaviapass meets the Tonalestrasse, the pass runs over a hilltop that is just 1,884m high. Developed as a main traffic route, it is very easy to reach the winter ski resort at Passo di Tonale. The village of Ponte di Legno itself is a little off the wide road, which leads past the village in a large arc to the right.

Once you have reached the top of the pass, you quickly realize that this is a classic winter sports resort. Up here you can ski well into spring, especially since several mountain railways take the athletes up to the Presanelle mountain group.

The pass road itself leads from Ponte di Legno over a few easy-to-see switchbacks and curves, mostly through dense forest up to the top of the pass. From time to time the driver catches a glimpse of the surrounding mountains, but should concentrate on the driveway, which is not entirely clear. The pass itself is then exactly at the height of a war memorial, which commemorates those who died in the world wars.


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