Kashmir girl fights off militants

Rukhsana Kauser, a teenage girl killed a militant with his own gun after insurgents attacked their home in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Three militants stormed into Rukhsana Kauser’s home in a remote village in Jammu region on Monday and started beating her parents in front of her.
Ms Kauser, 18, and her brother turned on the gunmen, killing one and injuring two more. One of the militants wanted to marry Ms Kauser against her will, police said.
The militants escaped and are now being sought by police who are using their blood trails as clues.

Ms Kauser said she grabbed one of the militants by the hair and banged his head against the wall. When he fell down she hit him with an axe, before snatching his rifle.
I fired endlessly. The militant commander got 12 shots on his body.

Her brother, Eijaz, 19, grabbed one of the other militants’ guns and also began shooting. Ms Kauser said the exchanges of gunfire with the militants had gone on for four hours.
I had never touched a rifle before this, let alone fired one. But I had seen heroes firing in films on TV and I tried the same way. Somehow I gathered courage – I fired and fought till dead tired.

Police identified the militant commander as Abu Osama, who they say was a member of the banned Lashkar-e-Taiba group and had been active in the Rajouri area for the past five years.
Local residents told police that he wanted to marry Ms Kauser – and was prepared to do so forcibly. Rajouri police superintendent Shajqat Watali praised what he said was the “exemplary bravery” of Ms Kauser and her brother.
The reaction by these teenagers was extraordinary.



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