Reports of Obama’s divorce greatly exaggerated, no official statement

A US tabloid has reported recently that Michelle Obama is filing a divorce, while another daily said that the Obamas sleep in different rooms. But the reports are most likely greatly exaggerated and questionable, given that the White House has made no official statements to that end.

The National Enquirer, a magazine that reported the news, is known to be a cheapjack publication, according to the Russian radio station Vesti FM. The National Enquirer sometimes offered forged reports and then was made by court to deny them. Besides, it’s the only US tabloid to have reported the news.
According to original reports, Michelle Obama took a grouch on her husband because of a mobile photo shoot during the Nelson Mandela funeral. But Michelle is not someone who would divorce her husband because of a photo session.

Nor could jealousy become a reason to file a divorce. In the 1990s, Hillary Clinton did not divorce Bill Clinton because of marital infidelity. Michelle Obama’s behavioural pattern is largely suggestive of Hillary Clinton’s. Michelle Obama gave up a lawyer career to be helpful to her husband. Americans joke that if Michelle Obama had married another man, he would have become US President. Michelle may have deeply resented Barack Obama’s involvement in the photo session, but she will hardly divorce him because of that, according to the Vesti FM.



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